We got some good snow this weekend and boy did we need it. These pictures were taken on Monday Jan. 31, 2005 (Althought the timestamps on the pics are off by 2 weeks...). Snow on the deck and in the valley. Posted by Hello

Snow on a tree in the front yard. Posted by Hello

Here is a shot of Maya. Posted by Hello

The dogs weren't much help this time. Posted by Hello

FlyFisherman.com has an article "Nymphing Without Indicators" by JIM MCLENNAN

Indicators may help new fly fishers catch fish but there are times when you don't want to use them....


Here is a collage from New Years Posted by Hello


Great day in Eleven Mile Canyon...
Dave and I had a good time fishing in Eleven Mile Canyon. It was a gorgeous day, a bit chilly in the AM, but it warmed up considerably It was pretty crowded too.

The fish were rising to midges and baetis, so we fished small dries with emerger droppers. We caught a lot of fish. Great time.

Griffith's gnat, size: 20-22
BWO sparkle dun, size: 22-24
Olive parachute, size: 22
Barr's emerger (flashback), size: 24
Young Special, tan, size: 24

The Pressure Myth
Does a changing barometer truly affect our fishing success? Let science answer that question.


Look at this. She is a happy girl! Posted by Hello

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