Diamond Dave, Glenn, Eddy, Laney and I all hooked up in Alcova, Wyoming to fish the North Platte. Yolanda at Sloanes really set us up with a great room. It was a great trip even thought the fishing was a bit slow. The report from the Platte River Fly Shop was right on. It said "Fair - Possible to hook a few" and they weren't lying. The weather was great and the wind was pretty manageable all weekend. The flow was really low at 500 cfs and we had to row through a lot of water. Scuds and small baetis were the ticket. San Juan Worms and midges were also supposed to be good but no one but Dave caught anything on that that I remember. Great trip.

Here is a 23 inch Rainbow that I was lucky enough to hook on a slow Sunday afternoon. With lots of help and support from Eddy and Laney, we netted it, photogrpahed it and safely released it to fight again. Posted by Hello

Here is a shot taken by Eddy of both of us in his boat. Got to love a Nat Sherman once in a while. Posted by Hello

Here is a healther rainbow caught on Saturday. It took a size 14 orange scud. Laney netted it for me. Posted by Hello

Here is Glenn with a good sized Sucker fish. Posted by Hello

Look at the crazy Summit Guy. As my buddy Eddy says, this picture accurately captures the true essence of Summit Guy. Posted by Hello


Found a good SQL Programming resource. I found it on Aaron Weiker's blog

He's got good public forums


Found a great NASA resource where you can track satellites and space stations (if you are into that sort of thing ;-)) Posted by Hello

Found a new resource from Google. --> Google Maps


It seems to be very intuitive and works great considering it is a new beta. Check it out.


I just found the Alaska Fly Fishers (AFF) site and it has some good fly patterns and various other informamtion. Check it out.

Here are some of thier awesome pattern archives:

  1. H& L Variant
  2. Bead-head Soft-Hackle Pheasant Tail
  3. McFly Egg
  4. Glo-bug