Transfer ASP.NET Membership/Role info to production server

Have you ever needed to transfer ASP.NET Membership and/or Role information to a production server? I had just deployed 2 applications to a production server (including the required aspnet_* schema objects to the back end SQL Server 2005 databases). But how am I going to get into my custom-built web-based ASP.NET Membership, Role , etc. management screens? These management screens are secure and there is no user account nor is there an "administration" role available in the empty membership and role tables.

A generous guy named Sloan Holliday offered his help through microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet and provided me a T-SQL generator that generates the T-SQL code to insert your existing ASP.NET Membership and Role information into an empty database. Pretty helpful. Thanks to Sloan for making this available.