Great day on the Blue

Diamond Dave and I had a great day on the Blue. We fished at a not-so-secret spot near the Frisco/Dillon areas.

It was crowded and the weather looked iffy.

I waited for a spot and soon a guy crossed from where he was fishing and I moved in (politely). I had caught fish near by a few years earlier on Caddis imitations so I went that direction. I tied on a bead head Prince on top and a bead head Bread Crust as a dropper. Not sure why I chose these particular flies. I should have seined the river like I always do but I guess I figured it was a good bet.

I started catching fish one after the other. Almost every cast was followed by a tug and a feisty little brown. It was ridiculous. Some of the guys kept making cracks and asking what I was using. I told them the truth and even offered one guy the exact flies. He refused and I kept catching fish. It was great.

Dave made his way down to me and I asked him how he was doing. He was also successful on completely different flies for different bugs. He was using a Bionic Midge and a black Copper John. He waded across and caught fish after fish.

The weather looked ominous and all the other guys took off. They were smart. There was lightening in the distance. We kept catching fish so it was hard to make the call to leave.

Dave kept abusing the sucker fish. He called them Mother-in-Law fish. They have a face only a momma could love.

It did slow down a bit during some windy gusts. It rained a tad, but we stuck it out like dummies and caught more fish. What a day.