Alaska - Ptarmigan Creek

The last two days of fishing were spectacular. We all caught a ton of fish and a few that were taped at 20”. There weren’t as many reds in the water so that was cool. I still managed to land a couple of big reds on my 3-wt T-n-T. One of the reds actually bit me. He got a hold of my Gore-Tex jacket collar.

Once Matt was fishing up river from me and I hooked and landed my fish. His fish ran down river and I netted his fish with my fish still in the net. Another time, I hooked a fish and it ran down to Matt. He was trying to land my fish as his fish ran all over the place. It looked like he was dancing.

Another time, I hooked a dolly and fought it for a bit, then it through the hook which proceeded to snag a red. I had this red on for a bit until it shook the hook which proceeded to snag another red. Three fish in one cast!

Eddy hooked fish on the train trestle and ran down the embankment to land them. It was getting ridiculous how many times we hooked up. The fishing was great!

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