Taylor Reservoir and Upper Taylor River

We camped and fished with Glenn, Sharon, and Dennis Sneed. It was Sharon & Glenn’s maiden voyage in Ester (their 1984 Toyota/Savannah camper). Nicole came along and had a great time.

We belly boated the reservoir on Saturday and caught a number of rainbows on difference buggers. I landed one Brown on a black bugger.

Jack started landing large Mackinaw in the inlet of the reservoir on a Grizzly and Black bugger. We all bogarted his hole and began catching many Mackinaw on different buggers. I was most successful on my yellow/brown bugger.

Saturday I was using my TNT (Thomas & Thomas) 3wt with floating line using a 3/0 and having to wait for a 10 or 15 count. Sunday I used my TNT 6wt with a sink tip.

The Mackinaw move up into the inlet in the morning and afternoon/evenings and move out to the point during the day. They are only around these areas in the fall when they go to spawn.

Mike says he usually catches big browns in the 5-6 pound range in the late fall. They weren’t moving yet…

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