Great trip on the Bighorn

Dave and I picked up Peter at DIA on Friday at about 5:30 PM and drove straight up the Bighorn about 550 miles. We crashed in a bunk cabin at Cottonwood Camp for a few hours and floated A-B (13 miles) on Saturday.


What a great day. Dave and Peter were hot. I caught my fair share too but lost all my big fish. Not sure what the problem was but I'm going to blame it on old tippet material and not my knots. ;-)

Rick and some of his buddies showed up later on Saturday and fished at 3-mile. We actually didn't get to 3-mile until 3:00 PM and passed those guys and didn't know it was them.

There was an incident on the water that I won't go into and my TnT 6wt was toast. There were some tears.

Last Chance proved successful and made a fine way to end the day. The fishing was great and a good time was had by all.

Hot flies: Black midges, Gray Rays, Pheasant Tails, Pink Soft Hackle Sow Bugs, Two-tone San Juan Worms


Jonesy jumped in our boat. Peter was fishing in his "banana boat". Rick, Dan, and Joe were in a rental boat. Rick could do no wrong. Everyone caught fish and had a great time. Jonesy caught some nice fish and experienced the magic of the Bighorn on his first trip. Pretty cool. Red and Black midges were really hot on Sunday. Gray Rays and Pheasant Tails and "Pinky Tuscaderos " (pink soft hackle sow bugs) also worked well.

Peter, Rick, Dan, Joe, and Jonesy headed to Cooke City to fish the Soda Butte and the Lamar.

Dave and I floated A-B alone. We had a great day and caught fish in the riffles. Shallow riffles.

Hot flies: Black midges, Gray Rays, Pheasant Tails, Pink Soft Hackle Sow Bugs

Dave and I floated A-3 (3 miles). We started early and had a great day and caught plenty. We fished until about 1:45 PM and loaded up the boat and gear and headed back to Colorado. The drive was smooth and uneventful fortunately.

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Tim said...

nice pix, Josh. You make me think fishing could be fun.

-- Tim