Need to increase the size of a VPC VHD?

I needed to increase the size of a 16 GB Virtual PC VHD last night. I wasn't sure if it was possible, but it is and it is pretty easy.

I first used the VhdResize utility from vmToolkit to expand the total size of the VHD from 16 GB to 80 GB.

Then I followed the instructions at Xtralogic to "Extending File System Partition: Using Microsoft DiskPart to extend NTFS partition".

The built in diskpart command line tool was easy to use and very effective.

Hope this helps someone else to be able to expand a VHD if necessary.


Yathi said...

Thanks for the post Josh! It worked for me too..

Josh Blair said...

Glad it helped Yathi.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff! Worked like a charm!