Arkansas River Beatis Hatch

Dave and I fished the Arkansas River upriver from Buena Vista, CO. Dick from ArkAnglers sent us there. It was a gorgeous spot and a beautiful day. There was too much sun (I know, what a terrible problem to have ;-) for much surface action early in the day. The clouds moved in and I'm sure the baetis hatch started right after we had to leave, but that is how it goes.

We were catching mostly browns and a few rainbows. Early in the day we were producing on green copper johns, Barr's emergers and olive foamwinged flashback RSII's. It got pretty warm and I had a slow spell for a good hour or two. Dave kept nailing them in the last whole with a barr's emerger. He was "working it". Slow, short, steady drift with lots of success. It was really cool to watch.

Here is a current fishing report from Arkanglers

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