Great Birthday!

Had a great birthday. Dave picked me up at ~5:30 AM, we drove to the Colorado near Parshall, CO, we fished for a few hours and headed back early that afternoon. Dave is a hell of a guy to get up that early. He wasn't even grumpy.

The water was up from last week and a bit off-color. I was thinking that we weren't going to do very well but Dave picked up a few early on. We seined the river and found what looked like large dark sow bugs. I didn't know that there were sow bugs on the Colorado. Let me know if you know otherwise. We also found a ton of small baetis and other stuff. We put on a Ray Charles and an olive foam wing, flashback RSII and spanked them. Together Dave and I probably landed 40 fish. Great day on the water.

That evening, I went to the Galactic concert at the Fillmore Auditorium with Caroline, Kati, and my sister Nicole. Good show but I miss what Theryl added to Galactic. Maceo Parker was the opening band.

Gorgeous day on the Colorado

Diamond Dave working the seam

Gurkha Cigar

Dave with a nice brown

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