Willams Fork Confluence

Had a great fishing below the Williams Fork and Colorado Confluence. Got there at 7:15 AM and was the second guy in the lot. By the time I had my waders and vest on, there about 5 more cars all jockeying for position. I ended up with a good spot and caught a fair amount of fish on a glass bead, black D-rib midge. The fish started rising so moved the D-rib to the bottom and put an emerging Black Beauty on (Black Beauty with a z-lon emerging wing case). Both flies continued to catch fish.

I Met a nice guy Paul and learned a lot from him. I was fishing below another gentleman and he was doing really well. He had the best spot and got em on emergers and dries. I couldn't reach the risers and tried a few different dry\dropper combos with no luck.

I had to leave the fish at 11:00 to meet my wifey and kiddo at Mary Jane. We took turns hanging with Maddie and had great spring skiing. Sweet day all around!

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